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Barabás opened his world up to solo performance with his 2013 album Sastra, which was followed by 2015's Elevator Dance Music. Following the spirit of the time, Algorhythms was released as a pen drive packaged in a CD case. In addition to his trumpet, he uses keyboard instruments, a looper and other sound modulators to play his original compositions. Sometimes what he creates is a meditative, "chill-out” atmosphere, at other times he weaves a more rhythmic fabric, moving in the direction of dance or electro funk, but he still never turns his back on jazz styles either. With their definite sense of character, his pieces are almost like film soundtracks, recently in his music piano has been playing a bigger role. (Sastra 2013, Elevator Dance Music 2015, Algorhythms 2019).



The Barabás Lőrinc Quartet has released three albums since its formation in 2015 (Beardance 2016, Other Than Unusual 2018, Open 2021). Their music is somewhere between instrumental pop music and jazz with flavors from many other genres. Barabás’s pieces show the influence of world music and classical music.

Barabás Lőrinc - trumpet

Premecz Mátyás - keys

Ajtai Péter - contrabass

Klausz Ádám - drums

Random Szerda

fb event feb15.jpg

Random Szerda (Random Wednesday) is an improvisational concert series with a different line-up every time. The fully extemporal music is always a surprise for both the players and the audience. Led by Barabás Lőrinc, the concerts line up many great  instrumentalists from jazz and other genres as well. Many of these concerts were recorded and some were released (Small Talk 2008, Keys, Maps 2018).

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